Time to Format 2021 Indie Authors’ Short Story Anthology

36 Stories 24 Authors 6 Countries Represented across 5 Continents Mustang Patty Talks Writing will be back with new and informative Blogs about writing on July 5th, 2021. You can look forward to Blogs on Writing Tips, Elements, Grammar and Punctuation. Currently, I’m hard at work formatting and perfecting these year’s Anthology. If you wouldContinue reading “Time to Format 2021 Indie Authors’ Short Story Anthology”

Calling All Short-Story Authors!

For more information, Email patty@mustangpatty1029.com Would you like to get your BEST short story put into an Anthology of Facebook writers? My Partner company, ‘Adams Creative Solutions,’ is putting together an Anthology of Short Stories. Submissions are open to the writers and groups I’m a part of as ‘Mustang Patty Talks.’