Parts of Speech: The Verb

All About Verbs I think that most of us are more than aware that ‘Verbs are ‘doing’ words.’ They show action, a state of being, or express time. We have present, past, and future tense. For most of us, we covered the basics in our grammar classes. He eats. (Present tense) He ate. (Past tense)Continue reading “Parts of Speech: The Verb”

Parts of Speech: the Pronoun

Here is the definition we were given back in the 5th Grade: Pronouns are substitutes for nouns, taking the place of nouns that precede or follow them.Examples: I, hers, myself, who. Now, that we are using these words in our writing, we need to have a deeper understanding. There are four types of pronouns: Personal pronouns indicate a personContinue reading “Parts of Speech: the Pronoun”

Parts of Speech: The Noun

All About Nouns Most of us can remember the basic definition we learned in early Grammar classes. A noun is a naming word. It identifies people, places, or things. However, we may not always remember that there are four types of nouns: 1.   Common Nouns Common nouns are names given to ordinary objects.They can beContinue reading “Parts of Speech: The Noun”