Coming February 2021 – Writing the Short Story

Writing the Short Story

The class will begin on

Monday, February 8th,


complete on March 15th

Limited class size to allow for one-on-one mentoring

  • All class materials will be presented to students at the beginning of the course to include:
    • Mustang Patty’s Primer on Proper Punctuation (say that three times fast)
    • Mustang Patty’s Primer on Writing the Short Story
    • Mustang Patty’s Guide to Basic Grammar

Each week – Mustang Patty will arrange a one-on-one meeting with each student via Skype or Zoom for twenty minutes to address issues and problems.

This is a Six-week course with homework each week and three assignments to turn in (Due Dates Below)

The first assignment will be 500 through 1000 words

ROUGH DRAFT of Short Story

(due on February 15th)

The second assignment will be between 1000 through 2500 words –

 2nd DRAFT of Short Story

(due on March 1st)

The third assignment will be between 2500 through 5000 words

POLISHED Short Story

(due on March 19th)

Mustang Patty Teaches Writing

What this class will target:

  • The writer’s ability to develop a short story from an idea through a well-told tale.
  • Honing the writer’s skills to meet deadlines and target word counts.

Comprehensive critique and editing of the writer’s stories, to include:

  • Overall assessment of the storyline and execution
  • Line editing
  • Evaluation of the concept for the short story
  • Proofreading and suggestions on overcoming struggles with this aspect of writing.

Tuition for class: $89.99

(INCLUDED: Entrance Fee for 2021 Indie Author Short Story Anthology – $40 value)

(Payment Plans Available)

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