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MARCH, 2022

SECOND Class in the Series: Passive Voice vs. Active Voice

Begins February 2, 2022 for 6 weeks

If you ENJOY my Blog with Writing Advice…

You will LOVE my classes!

What makes these classes DIFFERENT from the Rest?

  • Price – $75 for Six Weeks versus MUCH HIGHER priced classes offered thru the BIG companies
  • Limited Class Size – Each class only allows SIX students – MORE individual time
  • Thirty-minute video sessions per week ONE-ON-ONE with Mustang Patty for Q&A, and individualized sessions (This is scheduled on the STUDENT’s timeframe.)
  • Customized Curriculum for each class – starting with the BASICS.
  • Future classes will go into new subjects on a deeper basis

Individualized Classes

The LIMITED class size allows the Instructor to tailor the lessons for individual students.

Learn Basic Story Elements

Discussion of Characters, Setting, Theme and Dialogue will be covered during the six weeks.

Critiques and Editorial Comments

There will be Two assignments DUE WEEK Two and Week Six – the first draft of your story, and finally, your completed story. Mustang Patty will professionally edit and critique the story and return within ONE WEEK after the class ends.

Interested? Contact Mustang Patty: to ENROLL

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