Your Writer’s Toolbox

How do you approach a new writing project? Do you find yourself suddenly inspired, and you rush to grab your notebook or dash to your computer to stroke the keys and produce your latest story? Or do you find yourself sitting with your pen or hands poised, waiting for inspiration? What if – you approachedContinue reading “Your Writer’s Toolbox”

Where do you spend your writing time? Writing or ?

Being a good Member and Getting the most out of them Since writing can be a lonely job, it’s a small wonder there are hundreds of writing communities online where writers come together to bond, chat, critique, and lift one another when needed. However, keep in mind, not all writing communities are created equal. AndContinue reading “Where do you spend your writing time? Writing or ?”

Tools of the Trade

One of the best things I’ve done as a writer is to reach out to other writers. I’ve built a network of like-minded folks. I’ve joined writing groups online, sites where you can post your writing and have peer reviews. In every case, I learn something valuable with each critique. These fellow travelers are anContinue reading “Tools of the Trade”

Plotting Your Story

One of the buzzwords you’ll hear in writing circles is ‘plot-driven.’ It seems that the best stories are either character-driven or plot-driven, but I’ve come to believe these things are the same. Your stories need to tell the tale of how your MC changes as they progress from Point A to Point B. Hopefully, thisContinue reading “Plotting Your Story”

The Difference between a Storyteller and A Writer

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concepts implied by ‘storyteller’ and ‘writer.’ At first glance, they seem the same, don’t they? But are they really? Storytelling is traditionally an oral medium. Someone who has the skills needed in telling a great tale, and the ability to make the spoken word come to life, alongContinue reading “The Difference between a Storyteller and A Writer”

Pacing Can Make or Break your Story

One of the elements of writing contemporary fiction that we don’t talk about very often is PACING. When you think of the tempo of the piece, or how the reader gets swept away with the story, you are concentrating on the PACING of the story. Pacing is the rhythm of a story. Every story willContinue reading “Pacing Can Make or Break your Story”

Creating Memorable Characters

In a short story, the main character and the plot are the most critical elements. Today, we will talk about the creation of your main character. Think about it for a moment – How do you usually come up with the character in your story? They flash into the forefront of your mind fully formed.Continue reading “Creating Memorable Characters”

Writing the Short Story

As I continue with my journey to help writers and artists prepare work for inclusion in either the ‘2020 Indie Authors Short Story Anthology,’ OR the ‘2020 Artists on Lock Down Collection,’ I’ve learned more about short stories than I thought I would. While I developed my checklist for drafting a short story, it seemsContinue reading “Writing the Short Story”

The Virus and Your Muse

Let’s face it. Being told what to do is NEVER a good thing. And for those of us who are creative and live by our own set of rules, it’s almost impossible. So, a lot of the writers I know are feeling stilted and not able to put down a single word on the blankContinue reading “The Virus and Your Muse”