Elements of the Short Story

Characters As a novice writer, I searched for some information regarding character development. I’d heard rumors that the best stories were character-driven, and the better you knew your main characters, the better you’ll be able to write believable dialogue and action. Wow! If you’ve ever googled, ‘character development,’ or main characters, I’m positive you foundContinue reading “Elements of the Short Story”

Introduction to the Parts of Speech

A few years back, I came across an excellent find in a Used Bookstore. It was in an almost-new condition, and it’s a high school Grammar and Composition textbook. So, I will be using this book as one of my references as we work our way through the Parts of Speech. To start, I wantContinue reading “Introduction to the Parts of Speech”

Wednesdays Moving Forward

As some of you may know, I’m reformatting my blog entries. First of all, I will be concentrating on the Short Story, and how mastering those elements can help you get ready to write a novel. It will also give you a smaller canvas to experiment with different styles, points of view, settings, etc. So,Continue reading “Wednesdays Moving Forward”

An example of the memoir

Hi there, Over the next week, I’m going to share with you a few different types of writing. Today’s post is a memoir. According to Wikipedia, a memoir is: A biography or autobiography tells the story “of a life”, while a memoir often tells a story “from a life”, such as touchstone events and turning points fromContinue reading “An example of the memoir”