The Process – the Role of the Antagonist

Last week, I wrote about the Role of the Protagonist or your main character. This week, I’d like to talk about the role of the Antagonist. Whether it’s a person or animal, or an element in nature – the Antagonist is the PROBLEM in your story. In all stories, there is a problem that theContinue reading “The Process – the Role of the Antagonist”

The Basics – How to make your writing ‘consistently interesting.’

“Mr. Martin Tanner, baritone of Dayton, Ohio, made his town hall debut last night. He came well prepared, but unfortunately, his presentation was not up to contemporary professional standards. His voice lacks the range of tonal color necessary to make it ‘consistently interesting.’ Full-time consideration of another endeavor might be in order.” Harry Chapin –Continue reading “The Basics – How to make your writing ‘consistently interesting.’”

Elements of the Short Story – Theme

What Is A Theme? If you think about it – the Theme of your story is what the Story is REALLY about. For instance, you write a loving story about spending time with your grandmother in her kitchen while you were young. You tell about the smells, the feel of spending time with her, andContinue reading “Elements of the Short Story – Theme”

The Process – The Role of the Main Character

The trickiest part of writing the Main Character of your story is that the character arc demands that we put the poor person through hell. (The PROBLEM or INCITING event is often life-changing,) BUT we need to write about everything so that the READER wants to cheer OR hate the main character. WITHOUT this strongContinue reading “The Process – The Role of the Main Character”

The Basics – Formatting your Manuscript

Over the past year, I’ve been trying to help other writers learn ‘the rules of the road.’ And in that capacity, I’ve had more than a few manuscripts sent me for one reason or another. And I cannot tell you how many DIFFERENT ways these MS were sent to me. It disturbs me because, asContinue reading “The Basics – Formatting your Manuscript”

Elements of the Short Story – The Plot

What Is A Plot? Simply stated, ‘A plot is a series of events that make up a story.’ All plots have beginnings, middles, and endings. For reference, the first quarter of your book is the beginning, the second and third quarters are the middle, and the last quarter is the ending. In an 80 000-word novel, this generallyContinue reading “Elements of the Short Story – The Plot”

The Process – Evaluating an Idea

Those of us who write know that in order to overcome the blank page, we need an idea. Essentially, the idea is the FIRST PART of the writing process. But an idea is truly just the beginning. When the project (book/story) is done, the idea HAS to be fully developed. As a writer, it isContinue reading “The Process – Evaluating an Idea”

Elements of the Short Story – The Hook

~Your first line sells the book. Your last line sells the next book. ~ MICKEY SPILLANE, AUTHOR OF KISS ME DEADLY  Many of the sources I read to write this blog post discussed how writing the First Words on the page is always the hardest you’ll write. This is partly because it’s easy to getContinue reading “Elements of the Short Story – The Hook”

The Danger of Putting TOO much in Your Novel

The number one reason many beginning writers do NOT finish their first novel is because they try to cram every thought and idea they’ve had over the months and even years they’ve been working on the basic idea. As with any skill that you want to do well, you need to take the time toContinue reading “The Danger of Putting TOO much in Your Novel”

Grammar – Summary of the Parts of Speech

*image source: Over the past several weeks, I’ve discussed the Parts of Speech on my Wednesday blogs. I think that writers need to understand the functions of all of these parts. To write well enough to entertain, engage, and tantalize our readers, we need to know how to use words effectively. We talked aboutContinue reading “Grammar – Summary of the Parts of Speech”