Writing Three-Dimensional Characters

Every story has characters. The richness of your writing depends on how you go about developing that character into a three-dimensional being. Today, I’m going to discuss one way to go about creating characters that will make your story shine. First of all, what makes a three-dimensional character? It all comes down to your proseContinue reading “Writing Three-Dimensional Characters”

The Starting Point – Effective Writing

One of the easiest ways to self-edit is to begin with effective writing. While you are writing the second and third drafts, you need to concentrate on the principles I will discuss in this blog. Currently, I’m editing the short stories that are coming in for the latest Anthology – 2021 Indie Authors’ Short StoryContinue reading “The Starting Point – Effective Writing”

Make it happen: how to accomplish your SMART goals

For the past few Blog entries, I’ve discussed SMART Goals, and written about how to write SMART goals – but knowing how to achieve them is a totally separate challenge. So, you’ve already taken a great first step by using the SMART criteria to set attainable, measurable, results-based targets. But there are a few otherContinue reading “Make it happen: how to accomplish your SMART goals”

M for Measurable

In my last two blogs, I started a discussion about S.M.A.R.T. goals. Last time, I wrote about the ‘S.’ Specificity is a solid start, but once you apply a NUMBER to your goal – it becomes measurable. Setting a quantity or making sure they are measurable allows you to track your progress, check in onContinue reading “M for Measurable”

S.M.A.R.T. Goals and your Writing

One of the buzzword that flies around from time to time is SMART goals. The hype is that everyone should set goals – but they need to be SMART. That’s a great premise, but first you need to understand what is so special about these goals. It all lies in the word, SMART. It isContinue reading “S.M.A.R.T. Goals and your Writing”