Introduction to the Parts of Speech

A few years back, I came across an excellent find in a Used Bookstore. It was in an almost-new condition, and it’s a high school Grammar and Composition textbook. So, I will be using this book as one of my references as we work our way through the Parts of Speech. To start, I wantContinue reading “Introduction to the Parts of Speech”

Wednesdays Moving Forward

As some of you may know, I’m reformatting my blog entries. First of all, I will be concentrating on the Short Story, and how mastering those elements can help you get ready to write a novel. It will also give you a smaller canvas to experiment with different styles, points of view, settings, etc. So,Continue reading “Wednesdays Moving Forward”

Grammar Basics – The Comma – a Definition and RECAP

As we are wrapping up our discussion of the comma, it’s a good time to define the comma and look at the most common usages of it. A Comma is a punctuation mark. (,) Commas can be found in: Lists, separate clauses, direct speech, to mark off parts of a sentence, with however, to separateContinue reading “Grammar Basics – The Comma – a Definition and RECAP”

Grammar Basics – Comma usage with addresses

As we work our way through the different uses for the comma, it is becoming increasingly clear to me why it feels as though no one can truly get a handle on all of the rules. However, I’ve also noticed that the comma could be considered the main traffic cop on the road to goodContinue reading “Grammar Basics – Comma usage with addresses”

Grammar Basics – Commas with Dates

Before I start this blog entry, I want to say something about consistency. While it is important in many things in your life, consistency in your writing goes a long way. Regardless if you aren’t sure about how to punctuate something, make sure you punctuate it the same throughout the piece you’re working on atContinue reading “Grammar Basics – Commas with Dates”

Grammar Basics – Commas with Introductory Words and Phrases

Another day, and another kind of comma to discuss. As you may be aware of by now, there are so many ways to use a comma in writing, that it’s no wonder people get confused. And while you might be wondering why bother with learning all this, I think it is vitally important to everyContinue reading “Grammar Basics – Commas with Introductory Words and Phrases”