Mustang Patty Presents:

Creating Character Arcs by K. M. Weiland (There is also a workbook that goes with this book, and I highly recommend the exercises it contains to help you create strong characters. The most important lesson here is WHY your characters need Character Arcs and what they bring to the story.) I will be giving awayContinue reading “Mustang Patty Presents:”

Mustang Patty recommends: The Writer’s Process

The Writer’s Process by Anne Janzer The entire book title: The Writer’s Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear I will be giving away a copy of this book sometime in the next week. Would YOU like to add it to your library? Simply send me an email: and tell me how you think thisContinue reading “Mustang Patty recommends: The Writer’s Process”

Kicking off the New Series with a GIVE AWAY!!

I want all of you to be excited about my next series of blogs. Now the reason I’m worried that you might NOT be excited, is because we will be discussing something we all roll our eyes over. Yes, I’m talking about Grammar. So, to make the series go down easier, I’m starting with aContinue reading “Kicking off the New Series with a GIVE AWAY!!”