Your Manuscript and the Editing Process – Part Two

Last week, I started this series on the editing process. But let’s stop for a moment and look at WHAT you will be editing. I mean, if you haven’t written anything, you aren’t ready to EDIT. You will be starting with the all-important FIRST DRAFT. The first draft of anything you write is just theContinue reading “Your Manuscript and the Editing Process – Part Two”

Another Part of Speech – The Preposition

At their basic level, prepositions are defined as ‘connecting words.’ They connect nouns and pronouns with other words. Taken a step further, prepositions give information about time, places, and direction. It is that last bit that makes prepositions so fascinating. On one hand, the discussion about prepositions could be very simple: It is that lastContinue reading “Another Part of Speech – The Preposition”

Elements of the Short Story – The Outline

I wanted to share this graphic for creating an Outline for the Short Story. I hope you will find it as useful as I do. One surprising thing is that most people think that writing the short story doesn’t require as much planning as writing a novel, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.Continue reading “Elements of the Short Story – The Outline”

Your Manuscript and the Editing Process

For the next several weeks, I want to talk about EDITING. While it is quite common to feel that ‘your Editor’ will fix all the nits, gnats, and SPAG (spelling and grammar) unless you have UNLIMITED funds for your writing, a Professional Editor is costly. The cleaner, more concise, and well-written work you can sendContinue reading “Your Manuscript and the Editing Process”

Elements of the Short Story – Endings

Within this series, we’ve looked at how you need to create strong beginnings, meaningful middles, and now we will dive into what must be present in your endings. Your ending MUST tie up the events created in the middle. The reader has been following the story and watched your characters being pushed into action. MaybeContinue reading “Elements of the Short Story – Endings”

A Closer Look at Genre and How it Affects Your Writing

Terms for genre can be very confusing. When I was a new writer, I had a great deal of difficulty identifying which genre my stories and novel fell into. It took a lot of reading and searching to figure it out. I’ll share what I have learned over the past several years here. What isContinue reading “A Closer Look at Genre and How it Affects Your Writing”

The Article – and how it is a part of GRAMMAR

Though the article is NOT considered a Part of Speech, I want to take the time to look at how this important part of sentences can make or break your writing. Articles are defined as words that introduce and give information about nouns. This being said, articles are the most common words in most worldContinue reading “The Article – and how it is a part of GRAMMAR”

Elements of the Short Story: Middles

Last week, we addressed Beginnings and how important they are to your story. This week, we’re going to take a look at Middles. The Middle of your story is essential to the overall success of the piece. First of all, it needs to build on the elements that began in the Beginning. The characters youContinue reading “Elements of the Short Story: Middles”

Mustang Patty Presents:

What’s the Story? By Melissa Donovan The subtitle for this book is: Building Blocks for Fiction Writing (from The Storyteller’s Toolbox) Melissa Donovan has an excellent series of books written for writers of fiction. I own several and they are a great resource for me. She also has a few books of exercises that IContinue reading “Mustang Patty Presents:”