Elements of the Short Story – Theme

What Is A Theme? If you think about it – the Theme of your story is what the Story is REALLY about. For instance, you write a loving story about spending time with your grandmother in her kitchen while you were young. You tell about the smells, the feel of spending time with her, andContinue reading “Elements of the Short Story – Theme”

The Process – Evaluating an Idea

Those of us who write know that in order to overcome the blank page, we need an idea. Essentially, the idea is the FIRST PART of the writing process. But an idea is truly just the beginning. When the project (book/story) is done, the idea HAS to be fully developed. As a writer, it isContinue reading “The Process – Evaluating an Idea”

The Article – and how it is a part of GRAMMAR

Though the article is NOT considered a Part of Speech, I want to take the time to look at how this important part of sentences can make or break your writing. Articles are defined as words that introduce and give information about nouns. This being said, articles are the most common words in most worldContinue reading “The Article – and how it is a part of GRAMMAR”