Advice from Professional Writers (11)

One of my favorite things about this blog is when I come across topics that other writers find helpful in their writing. These posts will get the most views, and I think the writers I reach here are thankful for my love to share the things I’ve gathered in my toolbox over the years. IContinue reading “Advice from Professional Writers (11)”

Creating a Strong Protagonist

Over the next few posts, we will examine the importance of building the characters who will carry your novel’s storyline. (Short stories may not have all these characters due to the length and focus of the storyline.) There are FOUR-character types, (the Protagonist, the Antagonist, the Love Interest, and Other Characters) who will populate theContinue reading “Creating a Strong Protagonist”

Good Advice from Louis Sachar

Louis Sachar is an American author of children’s books. He was born on 20 March 1954. (This information comes from his website, and I think it is sound advice for authors wishing to write children’s books.) After graduating from law school, Sachar practiced law part-time while writing children’s books. In 1989, he became a full-time writer. HeContinue reading “Good Advice from Louis Sachar”

Are you an Over Writer?

It isn’t always easy to identify whether you overwrite, so here are a few clues: Your description language is overblown. Does your narration obliterate any ‘showing’ of your story? While descriptions are essential to set the scene, they shouldn’t be in a block of narrative. USE your CHARACTERS to describe the scene. Are you describing theContinue reading “Are you an Over Writer?”

The Starting Point – Effective Writing

One of the easiest ways to self-edit is to begin with effective writing. While you are writing the second and third drafts, you need to concentrate on the principles I will discuss in this blog. Currently, I’m editing the short stories that are coming in for the latest Anthology – 2021 Indie Authors’ Short StoryContinue reading “The Starting Point – Effective Writing”

Make it happen: how to accomplish your SMART goals

For the past few Blog entries, I’ve discussed SMART Goals, and written about how to write SMART goals – but knowing how to achieve them is a totally separate challenge. So, you’ve already taken a great first step by using the SMART criteria to set attainable, measurable, results-based targets. But there are a few otherContinue reading “Make it happen: how to accomplish your SMART goals”