Grammar – Summary of the Parts of Speech

*image source: Over the past several weeks, I’ve discussed the Parts of Speech on my Wednesday blogs. I think that writers need to understand the functions of all of these parts. To write well enough to entertain, engage, and tantalize our readers, we need to know how to use words effectively. We talked aboutContinue reading “Grammar – Summary of the Parts of Speech”

Elements of the Short Story – The Inciting Moment

I’ve discussed how your story’s plot is built around a problem or challenge that your MC faces. When the issue makes its first appearance is known as the inciting moment. It acts as a beginning point where your MC’s world changes. This moment is interesting and important enough to create a response in you or your protagonist. ItContinue reading “Elements of the Short Story – The Inciting Moment”

Book Review: 2020 Indie Authors’ Short Story Anthology

Originally posted on SheySaints:
Summary 2020 Indie Authors’ Short Story Anthology is a collection of short stories from US, Australian, South African, and UK writers. There are over twenty short stories of different themes that the authors wrote to keep themselves sane during these trying times. These authors are Mustang Patty, Andrew Paul Grell, Charles…

Your Manuscript and the Editing Process – Part Three

In my discussions over the past two weeks, I explained the importance of Editing. I stressed how you need to write the FIRST DRAFT before you worry about Editing. The FIRST DRAFT is when you empty every thought you have about your storyline. DO NOT self-edit as you go – it doesn’t matter how uglyContinue reading “Your Manuscript and the Editing Process – Part Three”

The Interjection and Your Writing

According to my favorite source for Grammatical information: An interjection is a word that expresses emotion and has no grammatical relation to other words in the sentence. Therefore, this will be a very short blog. Knowing that the interjection has absolutely no connection to anything – it is merely an EXPRESSION of EMOTION, and quiteContinue reading “The Interjection and Your Writing”

Elements of the Short Story: What exactly IS a Short Story?

Short stories are a unique artform. They are not novels that are compressed into fewer pages. They do not require less skill to write than a novel – in fact, they are actually more complex. And lastly, writing the short story allows a writer to hone their skills in ways that a novel never will.Continue reading “Elements of the Short Story: What exactly IS a Short Story?”

Your Manuscript and the Editing Process – Part Two

Last week, I started this series on the editing process. But let’s stop for a moment and look at WHAT you will be editing. I mean, if you haven’t written anything, you aren’t ready to EDIT. You will be starting with the all-important FIRST DRAFT. The first draft of anything you write is just theContinue reading “Your Manuscript and the Editing Process – Part Two”

Another Part of Speech – The Preposition

At their basic level, prepositions are defined as ‘connecting words.’ They connect nouns and pronouns with other words. Taken a step further, prepositions give information about time, places, and direction. It is that last bit that makes prepositions so fascinating. On one hand, the discussion about prepositions could be very simple: It is that lastContinue reading “Another Part of Speech – The Preposition”

Elements of the Short Story – The Outline

I wanted to share this graphic for creating an Outline for the Short Story. I hope you will find it as useful as I do. One surprising thing is that most people think that writing the short story doesn’t require as much planning as writing a novel, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.Continue reading “Elements of the Short Story – The Outline”