Book Review: 2020 Indie Authors’ Short Story Anthology

Love this Review of the 2020 Indie Authors’ Short Story Anthology



2020 Indie Authors’ Short Story Anthology is a collection of short stories from US, Australian, South African, and UK writers. There are over twenty short stories of different themes that the authors wrote to keep themselves sane during these trying times. These authors are Mustang Patty, Andrew Paul Grell, Charles R. Bucklin, Ellen Eigner, C Alexis, Becky Crookham, Paul J P Slater, Tammy Godfrey, Maria Delaney, Maruschka Scott, Susannah MacDonald, J.V. Montgomery, Natalie Jessen Freese, Jane Bradshaw, Christy Kunin, Angelique Pacheco, Dan B. Fierce, and K.L. Laettner.


What an amazing book this is! I love that there are different genres and different styles of writing! It’s really nice to read these stories during this crazy pandemic era when we’re all just trying to do our best to keep our sanity. This is how these very talented authors coped with this year’s struggle, and it is always something to…

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Published by Mustang Patty

I am finally a full-time author, who writes legal thrillers, how-to- books, short stories, flash fiction, a tiny bit of poetry, and Blog posts. My published works include 'Guilty until Proven Innocent,' and 'Innocent for the Moment.' Both of these books are part of a trilogy called the Jill Adair Series. The third book will be available in late summer of 2020. I'm currently coordinating a Collection of works created by Artists during the Pandemic. The title of the book is '2020 Artists on LockDown Collection,' and it will be available for sale on in early September 2020. I'm also coordinating an Anthology of Short Stories called, '2020 Indie Authors Short Story Anthology.' This book will be available on on Black Friday, 2020 - just in time for holiday giving. I am married to my wonderful hubby of over 36 years, and I have two grown children, named Heather and Gregory. I've been blessed with two beautiful grandbabies, Heather Rose and Logan Ernest.

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